Immigration Medical Exams (IME)


Immigration Medical Exams (IME)

The purpose of an immigration medical examination is to assess your general health and to identify any major medical conditions. The exam is intended for those applying for the following statuses:

  • Permanent Residency
  • Student Visas
  • Worker Visas
  • Visitor Visas

At Dixie Medical Imaging, we offer this service at three of our locations, Oakdale, Burnhamthorpe and High-Point Clinics


About Your Appointment

Please call our location which is most convenient to you to schedule an appointment.  If you require an emergency or immediate appointment, we will do everything possible to schedule you as soon as possible

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete registration
  • Please bring a list of all medications you are currently taking.
  • Please bring all information on current past health issues
  • If you arrive late, your appointment may have to be rescheduled
  • If you cannot make your appointment, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance

What is included in your exam:

  • Motor function assessment
  • Vital signs (i.e. blood pressure and heart rate)
  • Women over the age of 40 require a breast exam
  • Patients over the age of 75 will require a Mini Mental Assessment and a General Abilities Assessment
  • Blood test for HIV and syphilis
  • Chest XRAY to detect any signs of Tuberculosis
  • No pap smears or invasive procedures are done, unless specific findings during the examination indicate a need for further investigations